For the legacy of our Founder

Orange Toucan was founded by an innovative and ambitious friend, Rob Snel. In 2014, Rob contracted Kidney cancer, which put an exclamation point on his importance of health and led him to adopt plant-based nutrition.  This life transition is what drove Rob to develop, what we believe is one of the very best plant-based health beverages one might experience.

It was this incredible desire that led him to make several trips to farms located in places such as Vietnam, the Philippines and finally to Thailand.  It was these visits that enabled Rob to focus on the ingredients you will now experience with the brand he chose to call “Orange Toucan”. 

Rob courageously fought cancer for several years, consuming Orange Toucan to battle the side effects from his treatments. While Rob ultimately succumbed to the disease, he was able to create a product that will not only honor his legacy, but one we hope will aid others in their personal health journeys.

Orange Toucan is for you, Rob.

Our Varietals

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