Health … never seems to be so important until something happens that affects it.

My name is Rob Snel and I am Dutch.  I was born in Nigeria and at a very young age my family moved back to Holland.  I was always a kid who was interested in sports and being healthy and fit to play throughout my teenage years.  I think I was really hooked by the time I was 30 when I ventured into the fitness world by owning a series of stores throughout Holland that sold home fitness equipment.  Part of fitness involves eating foods and drinking beverages that “help” your body be as healthy and fit as possible.

In 2010, I met my future wife through Facebook……yep through Facebook.  In 2014, I contracted kidney cancer and that event would put an exclamation point on the importance of health, healthy lifestyle, plant-based nutrition that centered around both our food choices.  This life transition is what drove me to develop, what I believe will go down in history as one of the very best, if not the best, plant-based healthy and refreshing beverages the world might experience.

It was this incredible desire to develop a truly All-Natural Plant-Based beverage that led me to make several trips to farms located in places such as Vietnam, the Philippines and finally to Thailand.  It was these visits that enabled me to focus on the ingredients you will now experience with the brand I chose to call “Orange Toucan”. 

Why the Orange Toucan bird you ask?  They live in a “social environment” and are constantly talking back and forth as they search out the unreachable heights of fruit trees, just possibly searching for fruit that other birds cannot reach and maybe it is the choicest and most delicate on a tree (we like to think so).  Their dominant Orange bill color was the one I chose in naming the brand.  As you might have guessed Orange is one of my favorite colors (probably has something to do with me being Dutch).  Some species of “fruit trees” in the various jungles depend solely on the Orange Toucan bird to spread its seed to create life and thus additional fruit for generations.

It is my hope that you will let the Orange Toucan brand of plant based refreshing beverages assist you both with hydration and in allowing you to have a more healthy lifestyle.  Dominant in all our initial 4 flavors is a “taste” created by combining some of the most beneficial ingredients ever created: Tumeric, Ginger and Moringa.  Check them out and I would love to hear your thoughts after you consume our four flavors: Lemon, Dragon, King and Melon.  All our ingredients are purchased from farmers near the source of our manufacturing so we can assure that they are harvested at their peak of freshness and meticulously inserted into our beverages. 

Please give us your feedback by going to www.OrangeToucan.com.  Cheers!!