They say “destiny” finds itself and sometimes in the strangest ways!!

My name is Sandy Wheeler and I returned from serving in Vietnam 1968 – 1970 – Top Secret Clearance with the US Navy, not realizing that years later my health would be impacted from exposure to Agent Orange.  I contracted Type II Diabetes, a progressive disease and one that requires a healthier lifestyle.

Being healthy and having a strong body has always been important to me, from my high school days playing 3 sports, to serving in the jungles of Vietnam, to being a diabetic today at 72.  In my desire to be able to do physical activities with my grandchildren I began searching for ways to have the “best” health I could regardless of life’s circumstances and as part of that process I discovered a “healthy lifestyle” beverage called Orange Toucan.

In 1985, I was introduced by a friend at Stanford to a young man who had a very crude piece of exercise equipment.  That introduction led me to start a company called Direct Focus and that company would produce and market the “Bowflex” line of fitness equipment.  Eventually we would purchase Nautilus, Stairmaster and Schwinn Fitness.  The company trades today on the NYSE:NLS and plays a significant role in people like you and me being physically fit.  Then there is the nutritional side of being “fit” and that is this “story”.

I was consulting on a project for a start-up company that involved beverage production.  As part of my engagement, I was curious about the process of getting a beverage into retail stores.  I had been following the career of a young man by the name of Kevin Klock because he was from my hometown and I love to read about those types of success stories.  In this particular case, Kevin had a skill set that would fit right in with my beverage question.  I reached out to a friend who knew him and thus my introduction to Kevin as he had led a beverage company from $35 million to over $350 million.  Very impressive business results and I knew he could give me some excellent insight.

Here is part of the destiny story for Orange Toucan and 4Guys Beverage Co.:  Kevin was in Holland when I reached out to him, visiting another of the “4Guys Connection”, Rob Snel.  Rob was in the process of inventing a new healthy lifestyle beverage by the brand name Orange Toucan and he too was reaching out to Kevin for advice and involvement.

Another of the destiny puzzle was that Rob had contacted me while I was building Bowflex as he had a fitness business and wanted to represent the Bowflex product.  That connection didn’t lead to a business relationship as I had decided we were going to focus on the US market only, BUT wouldn’t you know that initial contact would lead to a friendship and business relationship centered around his product Orange Toucan.  Finally, two guys always focused on fitness and healthy lifestyles, would come together to form 2 of the 4Guys connection and business…and with Kevin we had 3 of the 4Guys.

Kevin and Rob, both had experience with a guy by the name of Ron Fournier.  Not only is Ron a phenomenal person but has critical distribution expertise needed in the beverage world….a perfect teammate and now friend would round out the 4Guys leadership and team for Orange Toucan.  Yes “DESTINY” played a role in OUR STORY!!!