Orange Toucan may have just created a “first” in the taste of non-alcoholic beverages….and more specific within the Healthy Plant-Based Lifestyles category.

We combine three phenomenal ingredients in a sophisticated process: Ginger, Turmeric and Moringa (in a velvety crushed leaf form), to produce a very “Unique Earthy Taste” that is prevalent in each of our current four flavors.  This dominant taste is the defining trademark of the Orange Toucan Brand of beverages and our Plant-Based beverages now, and into the future.

Some have suggested that the taste is both “Unique, Iconic and definitely Earthy” and who are we to argue?  We think those who have coined the “earthy” description above are truly predicting the future description of Orange Toucan Plant-Based beverages and we are thrilled to be on the ride with all of you who want refreshing healthy lifestyles drinks.

As we say “Shake, Open, Taste and Enjoy”….oh and make sure it is ice cold.  WARNING – Orange Toucan plant-based nutritional and healthy lifestyle beverages could be addictive for all the right reasons.  LOL!!

Let us know what you think and let us know whether the Unique, Iconic Earthy taste and smell was an instant love affair or an acquired thoughtful process.  Orange Toucan, the Earth and 4Guys Beverage Co. are here for you and “with you”.  Cheers!!

orange toucan wink